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Demo Site for Hyvä Theme Extensions by JaJuMa.

JaJuMa Extensions & Hyvä themes are built with great technologies like TailwindCSS and AlpineJS.
Providing great added value, super light-weight and designed to be high performant and highly customizable.

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Magento Extensions for Hyvä Theme by JaJuMa

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Hyvä Themes
Is Hyvä Theme awesome?

Yes! Hyvä Theme is awesome!

Why is Hyvä Theme so good?

There are many reasons why the Hyvä Theme is good.


As early adopters, we worked with the Hyvä Theme almost since the first day it was released. 

Based on our experience during this time, we wrote down our Top 10 Reasons for Hyvä Theme

Why should I use Hyvä Theme with my Magento store?

We use Hyvä Theme for all new projects.

From our point of view, using Hyvä Theme is a no-brainer!


Please see our blog post about why Hyvä Theme is the way to go and by far the #1 alternative for Magento frontend:




Where can I get help and support regarding Hyvä Theme?

A great place to find help and support from the Hyvä-Team as well as from other community members is the Hyvä community slack channel.


But of course, with our experience as the first extension developer providing official Hyvä Compat modules for our extension as well as Hyvä community contributors, we are also happy to support - Just drop us a line!


Find more about our services and achievements with Hyvä Theme.

How can I stay up-to-date on Hyvä Themes?

The Hyvä community slack is the best place to get all the news about Hyvä and get in touch with others working with Hyvä Theme.


You can also have everything that is going on in Hyvä space delivered to your Twitter timeline automatically by following our



Hyvä FAQ Widget
Where can I find more info about Hyvä FAQ Widget?

You can find more info on our website with all details about Hyvä FAQ Widget

Is the Hyvä FAQ Widget really free?

Yes, the Hyvä FAQ Widget is really free :-)


It can be downloaded or installed via composer from Github: Hyvä FAQ Widget on Github


We also have some more free modules that may be interesting for you.
Check them out:


Awesome Hyvä 

Dynamic Shipping Tax

Customer Navigation Manager

How can install the FAQ Widget to my Hyvä Themes site?

Install via composer as any other Magento extension from github:


composer require jajuma/hyva-faq


How can I add FAQs to my Hyvä Themes site?e

1. Enable the widget, go to JaJuMa -> Hyvä FAQ Widget -> Config & Info

2. Add the widget like any other Magento widget in Page Builder / WYSIWYG content

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